Sing the right note is a free piece of software for you to check if you are singing the correct note. It is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to learn to sing in tune.

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The program displays the note you are singing so that you can adjust higher or lower to the note you want. You will know when you are singing in tune as the note will turn from black to green, simple.

Click here to Download the zip archive containing singtherightnote

You will then need to unzip the file into a folder and open index.html in your browser


Click the Play button to play a note at random from the selected Vocal Range. Then sing the note into your microphone. When singing the correct note it will change from black to green. Select the next note by clicking Next.

The visual clue helps you to distinguish between the notes until eventually you just need to listen. As you practise, over time, you will train your ear to hear the difference between the notes. It is your ear that needs training at first rather than your voice. As you become more confident with singing individual notes you can switch to chords (FULL VERSION only) and learn to sing the correct note over a chord. You can also change instruments as this can be confusing at first. Using the software will not make you a singer by itself, you will need to practise singing in other ways too, but it will give you a very important start. The software author says that it took him about a month of practise of 10 mins per day to be able to start hearing the notes. He had previously only been able to distinguish between a low note, high note and mid range note. He can now sing any note in his range. The program will benefit anyone wishing to learn how to sing and those who want to improve their singing. If you can't do it at first, keep trying, you will get better at it even with just a few minutes practise a day.